A Selection of C-130 Photos, Paintings, & Videos

Line up redu.jpg (94990 bytes)
Departure lineup spells trouble for some unsuspecting country about to be liberated.
Mc_130e_redu.jpg (25467 bytes)
You can run, but you can never hide from the "Herk," right Saddam?!
c130_blue angels.jpg (31107 bytes)
"JATO" assisted 60 degree+ assault-takeoff.
c130lapes.jpg (36240 bytes)
Another "LAPES" load delivered right on the money.
mc-130-refuel06-s.jpg (9693 bytes)
The big-gulp for a thirsty "Combat Talon" flying machine.
ac-130h-nvg-s.jpg (7481 bytes)
If the "Spectre" pilot could write, he'd be etching his initials on the earth below.
Pinnacle07 redu.jpg (61378 bytes)
"Hey, Nav, can you see the checkpoint NOW?"
hc-130-shadow1-s.jpg (8598 bytes)
An HC-130P flying gas station at your service.
AC47.AC130heritage_reduc.jpg (27459 bytes)
Jet-age Gooney Bird in ghost formation with the "original."
Fantastric c-130 reduc.jpg (41375 bytes)
"See, I told you the tail would clear."
c 130 j .jpg (29348 bytes)
On the newest and stretched C-130, a six-bladed prop is the thing for the dashing "J" model.

These three videos are best downloaded by right clicking on the image, and selecting "Save Target As".

   Angels Redu.jpg (2599 bytes)

C-130 Discharging Decoy Flares  (2,722 KB)


  untitled11_reduced.jpg (3546 bytes)

C-130 Gunship Over Afghanistan at Night (5,652KB)


forrestal reduc.jpg (4550 bytes)

C-130 Landing on aircraft carrier Forrestal (852 KB)


RAAFc130balesofhay.jpg (36951 bytes)
The "Flying Dump Truck" offloads bales of hay the old-fashion way...airborne.
mc-130p-20000629-f-9888s-001-s.jpg (6267 bytes)
One graceful "Herk" in the sky is pure beauty to behold ... two are sublime.
c130dirt.jpg (23318 bytes)
Desert shortfield landing displays the reverse-prop, "Hoover" affect.
ac-130h-Image66-s.jpg (6205 bytes)
Preparing for a night of  terror on the natives.
mc_130p-s.jpg (9818 bytes)
All-weather operations for the invincible "Herk."
Fencecheck_reduc.jpg (68313 bytes)
Dragging along on an endless border check.
83.Carpetbaggers_reduc.jpg (47455 bytes)
"MC-130" midnight express delivery with old time "Liberator" in tow.
authorflying.jpg (24774 bytes)
The author, caught awake and concerned, in the right seat of a "Herk" at FL 180 trying to identify a newly discovered gauge.